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Telescope Analysis Software

Dernière mise à jour : mercredi 31 octobre 2018, par Jérome Baudot

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TAF or Telescope A PIxel Analysis Framework allows to perform all the steps of data analysis and simulation for single or multi strip/pixel-sensor geometries. This is the light package based on ROOT.

- Releases
The code is available from the GitHub :
If you wish to contribute, send an email to J.Baudot to get push access.
Tar files of tagged versions :

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- Examples of results

- Credits
TAF inherits from the original DiamondTracking package written by Dirk Meyer in the late 90’s at CERN for the RD42 collaboration. It was installed in IReS-Strasbourg by Christophe Suire and Jérôme Baudot in the late 90’s for the characterization of silicon strip sensors within the STAR and ALICE collaborations. At the turn of the new century, the CMOS sensor group at IReS took over the code to study pixel detectors, still with the same silicon strip telescope. That was the creation of MAF by Youri Gornushkin, Gilles Orazi, Auguste Besson, Damien Grandjean and Marc Winter. The advent of telescope using pixel sensors as reference planes generated the need for TAF in 2005.

  • IPHC : M. Bachaalany, J. Baudot, A. Besson, L. Cousin, R. De Masi, M. Gelin, Q. Liu, A. Perez, S. Senuykov, A. Shabetai, Y. Voutsinas, M. Winter
  • DESY : B. Boitrelle
  • INFN : I. Aimo, C. Bedda, P. La Rocca, S. Mattiazio, E. Spirit
  • IPNL : V. Reithinger
  • Oxford University : R. Gauld