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Simulated Higgs event

Dernière mise à jour : lundi 19 janvier 2009, par Daniel Bloch

Simulation of the characteristic signature of a Higgs : the tracks and energy deposits it would make in the D0 detector.

The proton-antiproton collision produced a Higgs particle, which decayed to two b-quarks (seen in the detector as energy in the calorimeter, and indicated by the red arrows at 11 and 5 o’clock), together with a W boson, whose decay products are an electron (the green track at two o’clock) and a neutrino (inferred from an imbalance in overall momentum - the blue arrow at twelve o’clock). This kind of "associated production" of a W together with the Higgs is much easier to identify than the Higgs alone. Discovery of the Higgs will require the accumulation and study of hundreds of events like this one.

Source : Fermilab
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