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Registration at Cern and in CMS

Dernière mise à jour : mercredi 9 mars 2022, par Daniel Bloch

For the newcomer, check at first that your mail address is right (in case of doubt, ask Sébastien Geiger). See the registration instructions to follow here.

For the team leader : fill the pre-registration form here.
Join the national identity card or passport of the newcomer, and join the Home Institute Declaration).
Make it signed and stamped with the proper starting and ending dates of the contract at IPHC.
Once the preregistration is completed and sent to the users office, wait a few days, then send an email to telling that you preregistered for this people (give the email) and you wish him/her to be registered as external and to get a computing account.
Request a "phys" access for non MO membres to be able to access indico etc.

The CMS secretariat will check the newcomer profile and then send, to your email, more information on how to register.
You will have to fill another web form : please use Fierefox only !
If you are present at CERN, you can also register with the CMS secretariat (40-5-b01, tel. CERN-71712). In case of problems, please contact it.
The Team Leader at your Home Institution will be asked to approve your membership to the CMS Experiment. Make sure she/he does that so you can be enrolled in the ’zh’ group.

Once the CERN registration is completed, go to the CERN User Office at the first occasion in order to get an access card.

Some useful informations about registration are indicated here (WorkBook TWiki).

Other informations :

1. CERN Users Office : here

2. Strasbourg office at CERN : 40/4-B12 (tel 71530)

3. CERN Computer Registration : eventually ask Martti Pimia to increase your default disk space on lxplus (home at 150 MB and scratch at 500 MB).

Hypernews CMS : there are a lot, in particular register at

4. CADI, to find all CMS publications with list of Analysis Review Committees etc. here

5. CMS Internal notes, conference notes etc. here

6. CINCO, to access CMS talks at conferences, to apply to conferences here