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Dernière mise à jour : mercredi 24 janvier 2018, par Brigitte GAILLARD


Criscuolo, F., Smith, S., Zahn, S., Heidinger, B. J. & Haussmann, M. F. (2018). Experimental manipulation of telomere length : does it reveal a corner-stone role for telomerase in the natural variability of individual fitness ? Philos. Trans. R. Soc. Lond., Ser. B-Biol. Sci. in press.

Lardy, S., Gasparini, J., Corbel, H., Frantz, A., Perret, S., Zahn, S., Criscuolo, F. & Jacquin, L. (2018). Telomere erosion after an immune challenge depends on sex and age at injection but not on maternal antibodies in pigeons. J. Exp. Zool. A Comp. Exp. Biol. in press.

Schull, Q., Viblanc, V. A., Dobson, F. S., Robin, J. P., Zahn, S., Cristofari, R., Bize, P. & Criscuolo, F. (2018). Assortative pairing by telomere length in king penguins and relationships with breeding success. Can. J. Zool./Rev. Can. Zool. in press.


Criscuolo, F., Zahn, S. & Bize, P. (2017). Offspring telomere length in the long lived Alpine swift is negatively related to the age of their biological father and foster mother. Biol. Lett. 13(9), 20170188. doi :
In the supplementary material, a detailed description of the multiplex qPCR for telomere measurement, applied to the Alpine swift (Apus melba) is given.


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