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Other domains of interest

Dernière mise à jour : vendredi 7 octobre 2005, par Nicolas Busser

DEMON or part of it is being used in different other domains :

- DEMON is involved in measurements of neutron halo ( ) structures in light neutron-rich nuclei. The experiment E133c at GANIL was concerned by the neutron halo in 19C. Further experiments in this domain are planned.


  • Neutrons from the breakup of 19C. - F.M.Marques, E.Liégard, N.A.Orr, J.C.Angélique, L.Axelsson, G.Bizard, W.N.Catford, N.M.Clarke, G.Costa, M.Freer, S.Grevy, D.Guileemaud-Mueller, G.J.Gyapong, F.Hanappe, P.G.Hansen, B.Heusch, B.Jonson, C.Le Brun, F.R.Lecolley, F.Lefebvres, M.Lewitowicz, G.Martinez, A.C.Mueller, T.Nilsson, A.Ninane, G.Nyman, B.Petersen, F.Pougheon, K.Riisager, M.G.Saint-Laurent, Y.Schutz, M.Smedberg, O.Sorlin, L.Stuttgé and D.D.Warner - Physics Letters B381(1996)407.


- DEMON is well adapted for the study of nuclear interferometry ( ) for two-nucleon systems studies. Some tests have been performed during other experiments and a real experiment is planned on the systems.


  • Nuclear interferometry for two-nucleon systems. - J.Pluta, F.Hanappe, J.C.Angélique, G.Bizard, J.Colin, D.Durand, M.Marques, B.Tamain, B.Erazmus, Ph.Eudes, F.Haddad, C.Lebrun, L.Martin, L.Stuttgé, B.Benoit, Goes Brennand, P.Duda, K.Miller, T.Pawlak, K.Wosinska, E.Doroshkevich, S.Kuleshov, K.Mikhailov, A.Stravinsky, L.Vorobyev, R.Lednicky - Proposition d’Expérience à GANIL, No E286, February 1997.


- A set of six detectors take part in the PRACEN experiment ( ) related to the transmutation of nuclear waste and a possible new way of energy production. This experiment aims to measure neutron cross-sections issued from spallation reactions by protons and deuterons on different targets at around 1 GeV. These measurements are necessary to improve the simulation codes used in the conception of spallation targets which will be used in the future hybrid accelerator-reactor systems.

JPEG - 12.9 ko
View of a DEMON detector mounted
in its shielding at SATURNE


  • Etude des neutrons de spallation à SATURNE - S.Leray, M.Beau, F.Borne, A.Boudard, F.Boué, J.L.Boyard, P.Bouyer, F.Brochard, S.Carius, S.Crespin, D.Drake, J.C.Duchazeaubeneix, J.M.Durand, J.Fréhaut, L.Kowalski, R.Legrain, J.P.Lochard, E.Martinez, S.Ménard, G.Milleret, X.Ledoux, Y.Patin, E.Petibon, F.Plouin, Y.Terrien, J.Thun, E.Traneus, M.Uematsu, S.Vuillier, D.M.SWhittal - Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Accelerator-Driven Transmutation Technologies and Applications, Kalmar, Sweden, June 3-7, 1996, to be published.