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Energetic trade‐offs and physical activity through reproductive maturation among the Tsimane’ of lowland Bolivia

Last update: : Monday 6 March 2017, by Nicolas Busser

Par : Ann Caldwell, University of Colorado
Date : jeudi 15 juin 2017 de 16h à 17h30
Lieu : IPHC, Amphithéâtre Grünewald, bâtiment 25

Understanding factors that affect physical activity can have tremendous public health implications. Epidemiological studies consistently demonstrate decreases in physical activity during adolescence in modern, Western contexts. We examined objectively measured physical activity among a cross-section of young Tsimane’ forager horticulturalists (N=110; age 8-22) from a life history perspective. We tested the hypotheses that physical activity trades-off against investments in reproductive maturation, and would similarly decrease during adolescence even in a much more highly active population; and that this trade-off is experienced more steeply for those in relatively poorer energetic condition.