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HANC Project : Healthy Aging and Networks in Cities

Dernière mise à jour : lundi 12 septembre 2016, par Nicolas Busser

The way people are connected to each other and the way our cities are built have both been shown to influence healthy aging. Yet, we do not understand exactly how built environments, daily mobility, and social interactions either favour or hinder healthy aging. But novel wearable sensor devices including Global Positioning System receivers or accelerometers make it possible to gather precise information on people’s daily mobility and physical activity. Combining such data with detailed questionnaires documenting social networks opens new ways to better understand the environmental determinants of healthy aging. Statistical methods and graph theory will help us identify which features of the built environment and what characteristics of one’s social network influence healthy aging, active mobility and well-being. This project will help provide tangible recommendations to improve urban planning and public health strategies. We are studying different cohorts of elders and we want to better understand the link between urban topology, social network and healthy ageing.

In collaboration with Basile Chaix from INSERM (Paris), Julie Vallée from Géographie-Cités (Paris), Yan Kestens from Montreal University (Québec) and Philippe Gerber from LISER (Luxembourg).

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Dr. Cédric Sueur
Département Ecologie, Physiologie et Ethologie
23 rue becquerel
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