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Connecting the dots: transmission within social networks in Japanese macaques.

Last update: : Friday 16 October 2015, by Nicolas Busser

Par : Julie Duboscq – IPHC-DEPE
Date : Vendredi 16 octobre 2015 à 13h30
Lieu : IPHC, Amphithéâtre Grünewald, bâtiment 25

Animals living in groups do not behave in isolation of each other. Each social individual is part of a network of social interactions, that vary in intensity, frequency and diversity. Taking into account this heterogeneity is important when studying transmission, of ideas or diseases, within social networks. Indeed, for instance, many parasites are socially-transmitted and the infection risk of social individuals from these therefore may depend partly upon their degree of sociality. At the same time, being well connected or central in one’s social network has obvious benefits in terms of social information acquisition and use. In this talk, I’ll review the original aims of my post-doc, present what has been achieved and what remains to be done as well as introduce my next project in Japan.