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TNT2 is a four channel NIM-based card for nuclear physics with 14 bit, 100 Mhz digitizers (AD6645) and powerful on-board processing (Virtex II FPGA). It has been designed to instrument new experiences in gamma ray spectrometry requiring modular, multi-channel data acquisition electronics, capable of taking data synchronously on several types of detectors. It was necessary to design the TNT cards ourselves because there were no commercial products available with the required combination of sampling speed, resolution and on-board processing.

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Real Time Conference, 2005. 14th IEEE-NPSS

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- TNT1 (2 channel, 65Mhz, 1 FPGA) has been designed during 2001 and developped over 2002 & 2003. Existing cardtypes : TNT1 and TNT1-N.
- TNT2 (4 channel, 100Mhz, 2 FPGAs) has been designed during 2003 and mainly developped from 2004 to 2007. Existing cardtypes : TNT2 (=TNT2-CAEN), TNT2-D, TNT2-S and TNT2-R.