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G. Schnell, A. Boeuf, B. Jaulhac, N. Boulanger, E. Collin, C. Barthel, S. De Martino and L. Ehret-Sabatier
Proteomic analysis of three Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato native species and disseminating clones : Relevance for Lyme vaccine design.

S. Kolodych, O. Koniev, Z. Baatarkhuu, J. Bonnefoy, F. Debaene, S. Cianférani, A. Van Dorsselaer and A. Wagner
CBTF : New Amine-to-Thiol Coupling Reagent for Preparation of Antibody Conjugates with Increased Plasma Stability.
2015,Bioconjug Chem,197-200

A. Beck, F. Debaene, H. Diemer, E. Wagner-Rousset, O. Colas, A. Van Dorsselaer and S. Cianférani
Cutting-edge mass spectrometry characterization of originator, biosimilar and biobetter antibodies
2015,Journal of Mass Spectrometry,285–297

P. Martin, C. Dubois, E. Jacquier, S. Dion, M. Mancini-Bourgine, O. Godon, R. Kratzer, K. Lelu-Santolaria, A. Evlachev, J. Meritet, Y. Schlesinger, D. Villeval, J. Strub, A. Van Dorsselaer, J. Marchand, M. Geist, R. Brandely, i. A. Findel, H. Boukhebza, T. Menguy, N. Silvestre, M. Michel and G. Inchauspé
TG1050, an immunotherapeutic to treat chronic hepatitis B, induces robust T cells and exerts an antiviral effect in HBV-persistent mice
2015,Gut,In press

P. Ethuin, S. Marlard, M. Delosiere, C. Carapito, F. Delalande, A. Van Dorsselaer, A. Dehaut, V. Lencel, G. Duflos and T. Grard
Differentiation between fresh and frozen–thawed sea bass
(Dicentrarchus labrax) fillets using two-dimensional gel electrophoresis

2015,Food Chemistry,294-301


S. Abada, A. Lecointre, C. Christine, L. Ehret-Sabatier, F. Saupe, G. Orend, D. Brasse, A. Ouadi, T. Hussenet, P. Laquerrière, M. Elhabiri and L. J. Charbonnière
Phosphonated chelates for nuclear imaging.
2014,Org Biomol Chem. ,9601-20

F. Arsène-Ploetze, P. N. Bertin and C. Carapito
Proteomic tools to decipher microbial community structure and functioning.
2014,Environ Sci Pollut Res Int

M. Jemaa, N. Morin, P. Cavelier, J. Cau, J. M. Strub and C. Delsert
Adult somatic progenitor cells and hematopoiesis in oysters
2014,J Exp Biol,3067-77

A. Cebron, F. Arsene-Ploetze, P. Bauda, P. N. Bertin, P. Billard, C. Carapito, S. Devin, F. Goulhen-Chollet, J. Poirel and C. Leyval
Rapid impact of phenanthrene and arsenic on bacterial community structure and activities in sand batches
2014,Microb Ecol,129-44

E. Brun, F. Barreau, G. Veronesi, B. Fayard, S. Sorieul, C. Chaneac, C. Carapito, T. Rabilloud, A. Mabondzo, N. Herlin-Boime and M. Carriere
Titanium dioxide nanoparticle impact and translocation through ex vivo, in vivo and in vitro gut epithelia
2014,Part Fibre Toxicol,13

E. Ranaei-Siadat, C. Merigoux, B. Seijo, L. Ponchon, J. M. Saliou, J. Bernauer, S. Sanglier-Cianferani, F. Dardel, P. Vachette and S. Nonin-Lecomte
In vivo tmRNA protection by SmpB and pre-ribosome binding conformation in solution

M. Mori, A. Nucci, M. C. Lang, N. Humbert, C. Boudier, F. Debaene, S. Sanglier-Cianferani, M. Catala, P. Schult-Dietrich, U. Dietrich, C. Tisne, Y. Mely and M. Botta
Functional and Structural Characterization of 2-Amino-4-phenylthiazole Inhibitors of the HIV-1 Nucleocapsid Protein with Antiviral Activity
2014,ACS Chem Biol,1950-5

S. Jakobi, T. X. Nguyen, F. Debaene, A. Metz, S. Sanglier-Cianferani, K. Reuter and G. Klebe
Hot-spot analysis to dissect the functional protein-protein interface of a tRNA-modifying enzyme

T. Liu, A. Nonat, M. Beyler, M. Regueiro-Figueroa, K. Nchimi Nono, O. Jeannin, F. Camerel, F. Debaene, S. Cianferani-Sanglier, R. Tripier, C. Platas-Iglesias and L. J. Charbonniere
Supramolecular luminescent lanthanide dimers for fluoride sequestering and sensing
2014,Angew Chem Int Ed Engl,7259-63

V. Cotte, L. Sabatier, G. Schnell, A. Carmi-Leroy, J. C. Rousselle, F. Arsene-Ploetze, L. Malandrin, N. Sertour, A. Namane, E. Ferquel and V. Choumet
Differential expression of Ixodes ricinus salivary gland proteins in the presence of the Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato complex
2014,J Proteomics,29-43

F. Debaene, A. Boeuf, E. Wagner-Rousset, O. Colas, D. Ayoub, N. Corvaia, A. Van Dorsselaer, A. Beck and S. Cianferani
Innovative native MS methodologies for Antibody Drug Conjugate Characterization : high resolution native MS and IM-MS for average DAR and DAR distribution assessment
2014,Anal Chem,10674−10683

J. D. Rejon, F. Delalande, C. Schaeffer-Reiss, C. Carapito, K. Zienkiewicz, J. de Dios Alche, M. Isabel Rodriguez-Garcia, A. Van Dorsselaer and A. J. Castro
The plant stigma exudate : a biochemically active extracellular environment for pollen germination ?
2014,Plant Signal Behav,e28274

C. Juste, D. P. Kreil, C. Beauvallet, A. Guillot, S. Vaca, C. Carapito, S. Mondot, P. Sykacek, H. Sokol, F. Blon, P. Lepercq, F. Levenez, B. Valot, W. Carre, V. Loux, N. Pons, O. David, B. Schaeffer, P. Lepage, P. Martin, V. Monnet, P. Seksik, L. Beaugerie, S. D. Ehrlich, J. F. Gibrat, A. Van Dorsselaer and J. Dore
Bacterial protein signals are associated with Crohn’s disease

B. Rothe, J. M. Saliou, M. Quinternet, R. Back, D. Tiotiu, C. Jacquemin, C. Loegler, F. Schlotter, V. Pena, K. Eckert, S. Morera, A. V. Dorsselaer, C. Branlant, S. Massenet, S. Sanglier-Cianferani, X. Manival and B. Charpentier
Protein Hit1, a novel box C/D snoRNP assembly factor, controls cellular concentration of the scaffolding protein Rsa1 by direct interaction
2014,Nucleic Acids Res,10731-47

A. Spagnolo, M. Magnin-Robert, T. D. Alayi, C. Cilindre, C. Schaeffer-Reiss, A. Van Dorsselaer, C. Clement, P. Larignon, M. Ramirez-Suero, J. Chong, C. Bertsch, E. Abou-Mansour and F. Fontaine
Differential responses of three grapevine cultivars to botryosphaeria dieback

T. Wasselin, S. Zahn, Y. Le Maho, A. Van Dorsselaer, T. Raclot and F. Bertile
Exacerbated oxidative stress in the fasting liver according to fuel partitioning

P. Debeire, F. Delalande, O. Habrylo, J. Jeltsch, A. Van Dorsselaer and V. Phalip
Enzymatic cocktails produced by Fusarium graminearum under submerged fermentation using different lignocellulosic biomasses
2014,FEMS Microbiology Letters,116-123

A. Laux-Biehlmann, H. Chung, J. Mouheiche, J. Veriepe, F. Delalande, M. Lamshoft, I. D. Welters, S. Soldevila, H. Bazin, L. Lamarque, A. Van Dorsselaer, P. Poisbeau, F. Schneider, Y. Goumon and P. Garnero
Endogenous morphine-6-glucuronide (M6G) is present in the plasma of patients : Validation of a specific anti-M6G antibody for clinical and basic research
2014,BIOFACTORS 113-120

M. I. Plumel, A. Stier, D. Thiersé, A. Van Dorsselaer, F. Criscuolo and F. Bertile
Litter size manipulation in laboratory mice : an example of how proteomic analysis can uncover new mechanisms underlying the cost of reproduction
2014,Frontiers in Zoology

A. Spagnolo, P. Larignon, M. Magnin-Robert, A. Hovasse, C. Cilindre, A. Van Dorsselaer, C. Clément, C. Schaeffer-Reiss and F. Fontaine
Flowering as the Most Highly Sensitive Period of Grapevine
(Vitis vinifera L. cv Mourvèdre) to the Botryosphaeria Dieback
Agents Neofusicoccum parvum and Diplodia seriata Infection

2014,Int. J. Mol. Sci.,9644-9669

S. Triboulet, C. Aude-Garcia, L. Armand, A. Gerdil, H. Diemer, F. Proamer, V. Collin-Faure, A. Habert, J. Strub, D. Hanau, N. Herlin, M. Carrière, A. Van Dorsselaer and T. Rabilloud
Analysis of cellular responses of macrophages to zinc ions and zinc oxide nanoparticles : a combined targeted and proteomic approach.

F. Lien, A. Berthier, E. Bouchaert, C. Gheeraert, J. Alexandre, G. Porez, J. rawitt, H. Dehondt, M. Ploton, S. Colin, A. Lucas, A. Patrice, F. Pattou, H. Diemer, A. Van Dorsselaer, C. Rachez, J. Kamilic, A. K. Groen, B. Staels and P. Lefebvre
Metformin interferes with bile acid homeostasis through AMPK-FXR crosstalk
2014,J Clin Invest,10.1172/JCI68815

M. Feve, J. M. Saliou, M. Zeniou, S. Lennon, C. Carapito, J. Dong, A. Van Dorsselaer, M. P. Junier, H. Chneiweiss, S. Cianferani, J. Haiech and M. C. Kilhoffer
Comparative expression study of the endo-G protein coupled receptor (GPCR) repertoire in human glioblastoma cancer stem-like cells, U87-MG cells and non malignant cells of neural origin unveils new potential therapeutic targets
2014,PLoS One,e91519

L. Hérissant, E. Moehle, D. Bertaccini, A. Van Dorsselaer, C. Schaeffer-Reiss, C. Guthrie and C. Dargemont
H2B ubiquitylation modulates spliceosome assembly and function in budding yeast
2014,Biol. Cell,126-136

T. Léveillard, R. Frilich, E. Clérin, N. Ait-Ali, G. Millet-Puel, C. Jaillard, Y. Yang, D. Zack, A. Van Dorsselaer and J.-A. Sahel
Therapeutic strategy for handling inherited retinal degenarations in a gene-independent manner using rod-derived cone viability factors
2014, C.R. Biologies,207-213

A. S. Mialoundama, N. Jadid, J. Brunel, T. Di Pascoli, D. Heintz, M. Erhardt, J. Mutterer, M. Bergdoll, D. Ayoub, A. Van Dorsselaer, A. Rahier, P. Nkeng, P. Geoffroy, M. Miesch, B. Camara and F. Bouvier
Arabidopsis ERG28 Tethers the Sterol C4-Demethylation Complex to Prevent Accumulation of a Biosynthetic Intermediate That Interferes with Polar Auxin Transport
2014,Plant Cell,4879-4893

T. D. Alayi, A. Van Dorsselaer, T. Epting, E. Bissé and C. Schaeffer-Reiss
Hb A2-Konz [δ50(D1)Ser → Thr ; HBD : c.151T > A] : a New δ Chain Hemoglobin Variant Characterized by Mass Spectrometry and High Performance Liquid Chromatography

C. Carapito, A. Burel, P. Guterl, A. Walter, F. Varrier, B. Fabrice and A. Van Dorsselaer
MSDA, a proteomics software suite for in-depth Mass Spectrometry Data Analysis using grid computing

O. Koniev, G. Leriche, M. Nothisen, J. S. Remy, J. M. Strub, C. Schaeffer-Reiss, A. Van Dorsselaer, R. Baati and A. Wagner
Selective irreversible chemical tagging of cysteine with 3-arylpropiolonitriles
2014,Bioconjug Chem,202-6

C. Moog, N. Dereuddre-Bosquet, J. L. Teillaud, M. E. Biedma, V. Holl, G. Van Ham, L. Heyndrickx, A. Van Dorsselaer, D. Katinger, B. Vcelar, S. Zolla-Pazner, I. Mangeot, C. Kelly, R. J. Shattock and R. Le Grand
Protective effect of vaginal application of neutralizing and nonneutralizing inhibitory antibodies against vaginal SHIV challenge in macaques
2014,Mucosal Immunol,46-56


J. Rejóna, F. Delalande, C. Schaeffer-Reiss, C. Carapito, K. Zienkiewicza, J. Alchéa, M. I. Rodríguez-García, A. Van Dorsselaer and A. J. Castro
Proteomics profiling reveals novel proteins and functions of the plant stigma exudate
2013,J Exp Bot,In press

S. Triboulet, C. Aude-Garcia, M. Carriere, H. Diemer, F. Proamer, A. Habert, M. Chevallet, V. Collin-Faure, J. Strub, D. Hanau, A. Van Dorsselaer, N. Herlin-Boime and R. T.
Molecular responses of mouse macrophages to copper and
copper oxide nanoparticles inferred from proteomic analyses

2013,Mol Cell Proteomics,In press

C. Moog, N. Dereuddre-Bosquet, J. L. Teillaud, M. E. Biedma, V. Holl, G. Van Ham, L. Heyndrickx, A. Van Dorsselaer, D. Katinger, B. Vcelar, S. Zolla-Pazner, I. Mangeot, C. Kelly, R. J. Shattock and R. Le Grand
Protective effect of vaginal application of neutralizing and non-neutralizing inhibitory antibodies against vaginal SHIV challenge in macaques
2013,Mucosal Immunol.,In press

M. Plumel, T. Wasselin, V. Plot, J.-M. Strub, A. Van Dorsselaer, C. Carapito, J.-Y. Georges and F. Bertile
Mass spectrometry-based sequencing and SRM-based quantitation of two novel vitellogenin isoforms in the leatherback sea turtle Dermochelys coriacea
2013,J Proteom Res,In Press

F. Debaene, E. Wagner-Rousset, O. Colas, D. Ayoub, N. Corvaïa, A. Van Dorsselaer, A. Beck and S. Sanglier-Cianférani
Time Resolved Native Ion-Mobility Mass Spectrometry to Monitor Dynamics of IgG4 Fab Arm Exchange and "Bispecific" Monoclonal Antibody Formation
2013,Anal Chem,In press

R. Walker, Gissot M, L. Huot, T. Alayi, D. Hot, Marot G, C. Schaeffer-Reiss, A. Van Dorsselaer, K. Kim and S. Tomavo
Toxoplasma transcription factor TgAP2XI-5 regulates the expression of genes involved in parasite virulence and host invasion
2013,J Biol Chem,In press

T. Prakasam, M. Lusi, M. Elhabiri, C. Platas-Iglesias, J. C. Olsen, Z. Asfari, S. Cianférani-Sanglier, F. Debaene, L. J. Charbonnière and A. Trabolsi
Simultaneous Self-Assembly of a [2]Catenane, a Trefoil Knot, and a Solomon Link from a Simple Pair of Ligands.
2013,Angew Chem Int Ed Engl.,1-6

F. X. Gillet, D. I. Cattoni, S. Petiot-Becard, F. Delalande, V. Poignavent, J. P. Brizard, Y. Bessin, A. Van Dorsselaer, N. Declerck, S. Sanglier-Cianferani, C. Brugidou and F. Vignols
The RYMV-Encoded Viral Suppressor of RNA Silencing P1 Is a Zinc-Binding Protein with Redox-Dependent Flexibility
2013,Journal of Molecular Biology,2423-2435

L. Miguet, S. Lennon, L. Baseggio, A. Traverse-Glehen, F. Berger, N. Perrusson, M. Chenard, A. Galoisy, A. Eischen, C. Mayeur-Rousse, A. Maar, L. Fornecker, R. Herbrecht, P. Felman, A. Van Dorsselaer, C. Carapito, S. Cianférani and L. Mauvieux
Cell-surface expression of the TLR homolog CD180 in circulating cells from splenic and nodal marginal zone lymphomas

R. Aslam, B.-J. Laventie, C. Marban, G. Prévost, D. Keller, J.-M. Strub, A. Van Dorsselaer, Y. Haïkel, C. Taddei and M.-H. Metz-Boutigue
Activation of neutrophils by the two-component leukotoxin LukE/D from Staphylococcus aureus : a proteomic analysis of the secretions
2013,J Proteome Res.,3667-3678

R. Aslam, C. Marban, C. Corazzol, F. Jehl, F. Delalande, A. Van Dorsselaer, G. Prévost, Y. Haïkel, C. Taddei, F. Schneider and M. Metz-Boutigue
Cateslytin, a Chromogranin A Derived Peptide Is Active against Staphylococcus aureus and Resistant to Degradation by Its Proteases
2013,PLoS One,e68993

A. Beck, H. Diemer, D. Ayoub, F. Debaene, E. Wagner-Rousset, C. Carapito, A. Van Dorsselaer and S. Sanglier-Cianferani
Analytical characterization of biosimilar antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins
2013,Trends in Analytical Chemistry,81-95

E. Wagner-Rousset, C. Schaeffer-Reiss, A. Bednarczyk, N. Corvaïa, A. Van Dorsselaer and A. Beck
NanoLC Chips MS/MS for the characterization of N-glycopeptides generated from trypsin digestion of a monoclonal antibody
2013,Methods Mol Biol.,81-91

C. Atmanene, E. Wagner-Rousset, N. Corvaïa, A. Van Dorsselaer, A. Beck and S. Sanglier-Cianférani
Noncovalent mass spectrometry for the characterization of antibody/antigen complexes
2013,Methods Mol Biol.,243-68

D. Bertaccini, S. Vaca, C. Carapito, F. Arsène-Ploetze, A. Van Dorsselaer and C. Schaeffer-Reiss
An Improved Stable Isotope N-Terminal Labeling Approach with Light/Heavy TMPP To Automate Proteogenomics Data Validation : dN-TOP
2013,J Proteom Res,3063-70

M. Gissot, R. Walker, S. Delhaye, T. D. Alayi, L. Huot, D. Hot, I. Callebaut, C. Schaeffer-Reiss, A. Van Dorsselaer and S. Tomavo
Toxoplasma gondii Alba proteins are involved in gene-specific
2 translation regulation and parasite virulence

2013,PLoS Pathogens,1287-1301

B. J. Laventie, C. Potrich, C. Atmanène, M. Saleh, t. O. Jouber, G. Viero, C. Bachmeyer, V. Antonini, I. Mancini, S. Cianferani-Sanglier, D. Keller, D. A. Colin, T. Bourcier, G. Anderluh, A. van Dorsselaer, Dalla Serra and G. Prévost
para-sulfonato-calix[n]arenes inhibit staphylococcal bicomponent leukotoxins by supramolecular interactions
2013,Biochem J.,559-571

A. Beck, E. Wagner-Rousset, D. Ayoub, A. Van Dorsselaer and S. Sanglier-Cianferani
Characterization of therapeutic antibodies and related products
2013,Anal Chem,715-36

P. Pierrat, L. Lebeau, G. Creusat, P. Wehrung, J.-M. Strub, A. Van Dorsselaer, F. Pons, G. Zuber and L. Lebeau
Phospholipid-detergent conjugates as new tools for siRNA delivery
2013,Chemistry - A European Journal,2344-2355


B. Renouf, C. Soret, T. Saandi, F. Delalande, E. Martin, M. Vanier, I. Duluc, I. Gross, J. N. Freund and C. Domon-Dell
Cdx2 homeoprotein inhibits non-homologous end joining in colon cancer but not in leukemia cells
2012,Nucleic Acids Res,3456-69

A. Laux-Biehlmann, N. Grafe, J. Mouheiche, D. Stuber, I. D. Welters, F. Delalande, P. Poisbeau, P. Garnero, M. H. Metz-Boutigue, F. Schneider and Y. Goumon
Comparison of serum and lithium-heparinate plasma for the accurate measurements of endogenous and exogenous morphine concentrations
2012,Br J Clin Pharmacol,381-3

C. Lelong, M. Chevallet, H. Diemer, S. Luche, A. Van Dorsselaer and T. Rabilloud
Improved proteomic analysis of nuclear proteins, as exemplified by the comparison of two myeloid cell lines nuclear proteomes
2012,J Proteomics,577-602

A. Cousido-Siah, T. Petrova, I. Hazemann, A. Mitschler, F. X. Ruiz, E. Howard, S. Ginell, C. Atmanene, A. Van Dorsselaer, S. Sanglier-Cianferani, A. Joachimiak and A. Podjarny
Crystal packing modifies ligand binding affinity : the case of aldose reductase
2012,Proteins-structure function and bioinfomatics,2552-61

E. Woldt, J. Terrand, M. Mlih, R. L. Matz, V. Bruban, F. Coudane, S. Foppolo, Z. El Asmar, M. E. Cholet, E. Ninio, A. Bednarczyk, D. Thiersé, C. Schaeffer-Reiss, A. Van Dorsselaer, C. Boudier, W. Wahli, P. Chambon, D. Metzger, J. Herz and P. Boucher
The nuclear hormone receptor PPAR gamma counteracts vascular calcification by inhibiting Wnt5a signalling in vascular smooth muscle cells
2012,Nature Commun,1077

A. Cousido-Siah, D. Ayoub, G. Berberian, M. Bollo, A. Van Dorsselaer, F. Debaene, R. DiPolo, T. Petrova, C. Schulze-Briese, V. Olieric, A. Esteves, A. Mitschler, S. Sanglier-Cianferani, L. Beauge and A. Podjarny
Structural and functional studies of ReP1-NCXSQ, a protein regulating the squid nerve Na+/Ca2+ exchanger
2012,Acta Cryst,1098–1107

C. Angénieux, F. Waharte, A. Gidon, F. Signorino-Gelo, V. Wurtz, R. Hojeij, F. Proamer, C. Gachet, A. van Dorsselaer, D. Hanau, J. Salamero and d. l. S. de, H.
Lysosomal-Associated Transmembrane Protein 5 (LAPTM5) Is a Molecular Partner of CD1e
2012,PLoS ONE, e42634

C. Atmanene, S. Petiot-Bécard, D. Zeyer, A. Van Dorsselaer, V. Vivat Hannah and S. Sanglier-Cianférani
Exploring key parameters to detect subtle ligand-induced protein conformational changes using traveling wave ion mobility mass spectrometry
2012,Anal Chem,4703-10

A. Beck, S. Sanglier-Cianferani and A. Van Dorsselaer
Biosimilar, Biobetter, and Next Generation Antibody Characterization by Mass Spectrometry
2012,Anal Chem,4637-4646

P.-J. Sloves, S. Delhaye, T. Mouveaux, E. Werkmeister, C. Slomianny, A. Hovasse, T. D. Alayi, I. Callebaut, R. Y. Gaji, C. Schaeffer-Reiss, A. Van Dorsselear, V. B. Carruthers and S. Tomavo
Toxoplasma Sortilin-like Receptor Regulates Protein Transport and Is Essential for Apical Secretory Organelle Biogenesis and Host Infection
2012,Cell Host & Microbe,515–527

D. Heintz, S. Gallien, V. Compagnon, A. Berna, M. Suzuki, S. Yoshida, T. Muranaka, A. Van Dorsselaer, C. Schaeffer, T. J. Bach and H. Schaller
Phosphoproteome exploration reveals a reformatting of cellular processes in response to low sterol biosynthetic capacity in Arabidopsis
2012,J. Proteome Res.,1228−1239

D. Halter, F. Goulhen-Chollet, S. Gallien, C. Casiot, J. Hamelin, F. Gilard, D. Heintz, C. Schaeffer, C. Carapito, A. Van Dorsselaer, G. Tcherkez, F. Arsène-Ploetze and P. Bertin
In situ proteo-metabolomics reveals metabolite secretion by the acid mine drainage bio-indicator, Euglena mutabilis.
2012,ISME J.,1-12

N. R. Barthélemy, A. Bednarczyk, C. Schaeffer-Reiss, D. Jullien, A. Van Dorsselaer and N. Cavusoglu
Proteomic tools for the investigation of human hair structural proteins and evidence of weakness sites on hair keratin coil segments
2012,Anal. Biochem,43-55

A. Spagnolo, M. Magnin-Robert, T. D. Alayi, C. Cilindre, L. Mercier, C. Schaeffer-Reiss, A. van Dorsselaer, C. Clement and F. F.
Physiological changes in green stems of Vitis vinifera L. cv. Chardonnay in response to esca proper and apoplexy revealed by proteomic and transcriptomic analyses
2012,J. Proteome Res.,461-475

M. Bui The Thuong, C. Catala, C. Colas, C. Schaeffer, A. Van Dorsselaer, A. Mann and A. Wagner
Trimethoxyarene as a Highly Ionizable Tag for Reaction Analysis by Atmospheric Pressure Photoionization Mass Spectrometry APPI/MS) : Exploration of Heterocyclic Synthesis
2012,Eur. J. Org. Chem.,85–92

A. Laux, F. Delalande, J. Mouheiche, D. Stuber, A. Van Dorsselaer, E. Bianchi, E. Bezard, P. Poisbeau and Y. Goumon
Localization of endogenous morphine-like compounds in the mouse spinal cord
2012,J. comp. Neurol.,1547-1561


C. Boehler, L. R. Gauthier, O. Mortusewicz, D. S. Biard, J.-M. Saliou, A. Bresson, S. Sanglier-Cianferani, S. Smith, V. Schreiber, F. Boussin and F. Dantzer
Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase 3 (PARP3), a newcomer in cellular response to DNA damage and mitotic progression

F. Hispard, A. de Vaufleury, C. Schaeffer, R. Scheifler, P. M. Badot, L. Richert and H. Martin
Differential liver proteome mapping of control and cadmium-fed rats
2011,Ecotoxicol Environ Saf,576-583

S. Fauquenoy, A. Hovasse, P. J. Sloves, W. Morelle, E. Tchilabalo-Dilezitoko, C. Slomianny, E. Werkmeister, C. Schaeffer, A. Van Dorsselaer and S. Tomavo
Unusual N-glycan structures are required for trafficking Toxoplasma gondii GAP50 to the inner membrane complex and regulate host cell entry through parasite motility
2011,Mol. Cell. Proteomics,M111.008953.

D. Halter, A. Cordi, S. Gribaldo, S. Gallien, F. Goulhen-Chollet, A. Heinrich-Salmeron, C. Carapito, C. Pagnout, D. Montaut, F. Seby, A. Van Dorsselaer, C. Schaeffer, P. Bertin, P. Bauda and F. Arsène-Ploetze
Taxonomic and functional prokaryote diversity in mildly arsenic-contaminated sediments
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