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Call for free applications for post-doctoral Fellowships 2019

The IPHC and its Center of Ecology, Physiology, ETHOLOGY (DEPE) is seeking young and confirmed scientists interested in studying animal models in the fields of ecophysiology, evolutionary biology and ethology.

Since several decades, the IPHC develops scientific projects on a large panel of animal models, from mammals to birds, both in captivity and in natural conditions. These long-term projects open numerous opportunities for novel research thematics within an existing dynamic scientific environment. A detailed presentation of the department is available here.

The project leaders from the DEPE are excited by the idea of hosting new research fellows from abroad to add novelties and dynamism in their current research program. They welcome ideas exchanges to build together with the applicants Marie Curie Fellowships. Some examples of hosting research programs running at the moment in the DEPE are presented here.

To take contact with researchers from the DEPE and start discussing about a potential collaboration in writing an application, please just send a CV at the concerned researcher.

Scientific projects

Socio-genetics of communal breeding, alternative reproductive tactics and mate choice in female striped mice
How do Early Life Conditions impact the Physiology and the Life History Trajectories of Wild Alpin Swifts
Social Network Dynamics and its influence on Disease Transmission, from Insects to Primates
HANC Project : Healthy Aging and Networks in Cities
Reproductive Competition and Sociality
(Seasonal unpredictability and social flexibility)
Are birds demigods of Glycation resistance ? (AGEs)