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Josefa Bleu

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Institut Pluridisciplinaire Hubert Curien – IPHC
Département Écologie, Physiologie & Éthologie - DEPE
UMR 7178 CNRS / Université de Strasbourg

23 rue Becquerel
67087 Strasbourg Cedex 2
tel : +33 3 88 10 69 31
e-mail :


Since 2016: Assistant Professor at the University of Strasbourg

Short CV

2014-2016: Post-Doctoral Fellow. Institute of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France.
2013-2014: Post-Doctoral Fellow. Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.
2012-2013: Research and teaching assistant (“ATER”). Alpine Ecology Lab, Université de Savoie, Chambéry, France.
2011: PhD. Ecology and Evolution Lab, University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France.
2008: Msc. Ecology and Evolution Lab, University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France.

Since 2018: Member of the animal welfare committee of the IPHC (« Structure chargée du bien-être des animaux, SBEA »)

See my publications at: Research gate or Google scholar

Main research topics

My research lies at the interface between evolutionary ecology, behavioural ecology and eco-physiology. I am interested in the effects of the biotic and abiotic environment on the life-history traits, the physiology and phenotype of the organisms.
In particular, I study the effects of the parental environment on their young (maternal effects or transgenerational effects) and the effects of the early life conditions on the developing young. I focus on the effects of abiotic conditions changing rapidly these past decades: the effects of climate change, urbanisation and chemical pollution (collaboration with Sylvie Massemin). Concerning the biotic environment, I am starting a project on the effects of the social environment (collaboration with Vincent Viblanc).
I also investigate evolutionary trade-offs between different life history traits thanks to individual-based long-term monitoring of wild populations (collaboration with François Criscuolo).

Keywords: Antioxidants, Climate change, Global changes, Life history traits evolution, Maternal effects, Oxidative stress, Phenotypic plasticity, Population ecology, Reproductive costs, Senescence, Trade-offs, Urbanisation.

Current animal models:

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In the wild: great tits (Parus major)
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In the lab: zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata)
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In the wild : Little owl
(Athene noctua)
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Current students and post-docs

2020: Inès Fache. 2nd year Master internship.
Oct 2018 - ...: Agnès Saulnier. PhD student

Prospective students (internship, PhD) and post-docs: do not hesitate to contact me to discuss funding opportunities and to write grant proposal together.

Former students and post-docs

2019: Charly Ferreira. 2nd year Master internship
2018: Agnès Saulnier. 2nd year Master internship.


I teach in the Faculty of Life Siences of the University of Strasbourg.

  • Bachelor degree:
    First year: « Diversité du Monde Vivant », « Méthodologie du Travail Universitaire et Démarche Scientifique »
    Second year: « Phylogénie et Anatomie comparée des Métazoaires », « Biosphère et écosystèmes »
    Third year: « Biologie des Populations et des Communautés » 
  • Master degree: Ecophysiology Ecology & Ethology
    First year: « Ecologie fonctionnelle et évolutive », « Ethologie », « Evolution de la cognition et du comportement », « Economie et gestion de la faune »
    Second year: « Etho-écologie et faune sauvage », « Cognition et Organisation Sociale »