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Identification des leptons Tau

Dernière mise à jour : mercredi 18 octobre 2006, par Daniel Bloch

The group is identifying tau leptons using a neural network technique.

Team list

Auguste Besson (ater 2002-2003),
François Charles,
Arnaud Gay (ater 2004-2005)
Anne-Catherine Le Bihan (doctorante 2002-2005),
Abdenour Lounis

(See also "article 319")

New certication note (ps)

Tau poster (pdf)

D0 Notes




  • D0 France, Grenoble (Arnaud, April 2005, pdf)
  • NN pass2 (Arnaud, February 2005, ps)
  • stop with RPV (Arnaud, November 2004, ps)
  • new NNs and training without T42 (Arnaud, June 2004, ps)
  • NN training with T42 (Arnaud, April 2004) (pdf)
  • Simple NN at L3 (Anne-Catherine, April 2004) (pdf)
  • Simple NN at L3 (Anne-Catherine, October 2003) (ps)
  • Meeting D0-France, (Anne-Catherine, May 15-16, 2003)(ps)
  • Training with p13.08 single taus (Anne-Catherine, March 2003) (ps)
  • Training with electrons and QCD background - First estimate on NN efficiencies on data (Anne-Catherine, Mai 2003) (ps)
  • Status of NN training with p13 files (Anne-Catherine, January 2003) (ps)
  • CTT trigger (Auguste Besson, December 2002) (ppt)
  • Tau ID with NN (Anne-Catherine, October 2002) (ps)
  • Tau ID with NN (Anne-Catherine, August 2002) (ps)


Fnal Tau ID web page