DIRAC - 18F-Database of Imaging RAdiolabelled Compounds


The database DIRAC includes 1312 [18F]radiolabelled products connected to 1504 references (data up dated Dec. 3rd 2013). Searches can be performed using multiple choice scrolling menus.

Name: Text box using an alpha-numeric comparison with the names and acronyms entered in the database.

Biological Tests (5 entries): List of tests performed with the radiotracer.
Cellular : cellular and tissular assays using the radioactive compound (not the "cold" analogue).
Biodistribution: study performed after in vivo injection of the tracer.
Metabolism: stability study of the tracer in biological sample up to full determination of metabolites.

Biological Targets (156 entries): List of biological targets merged in sub-group. The title of the group is related to the category of the target (ie: dopamine).

Pathologies and Biological processes (36 entries): List of pathologies and biological processes of interest that could be imaged or studied with the corresponding compound.

Biological Models (12 entries): List of the biological models used for PET imaging, biodistribution and metabolism studies (models used for cellular and tissular experiments are not listed).

Chemical Structures (74 entries): 74 different chemical structures and chemical key features are available for search.

The different search fields are all connected together with the AND operator.

Inside the following fields a multiple criteria search is possible (Ctrl-Click to add or remove a selection); Leave the field empty (blank) not to consider it during the search.

Field Operator
Biological tests AND only
Biological targets AND / OR (use selector on right side of the scrolling menu)
Pathologies AND / OR (use selector on right side of the scrolling menu)
Biological models AND / OR (use selector on right side of the scrolling menu)
Chemical Structure AND only

The menu bar (upper part of the screen) includes a "Charac." Sub menu, it gives access to the content of each field used in the database:

- List of Biological models.
- List of Targets.
- List of Pathologies.
- List of Chemical structure (includes a drawing for each).
- List of Journals used and their respective occurrences in the database.
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