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The social side of equine welfare: how social environment impacts how domestic horses behave and perform

Last update: : Monday 24 October 2016, by Nicolas Busser

Par : Mathilde Valenchon, IPHC-DEPE
Date : Jeudi 17 novembre 2016 à 13h
Lieu : CNRS, Amphithéâtre Marguerite Perey, bâtiment 01

This project consists in exploring how social environment influence behaviour, performance and relationships with humans of domestic horses. Indeed, many ordinary housing practices (e.g. individual stables) suppress the opportunity for horses to interact and establish social network, which is against their behavioural needs as a social species. Social deprivation is known to have strong impact on horses. It mays alter drastically welfare, induce health problems, degrade human-horse relationship, and decrease the safety for both humans and animals. However, the evolution of practices is already at strike and our studies aim to support this evolution by providing scientific knowledge on horses’ sociality and the development of housing practices that enable every horse to have access to an adequate social environment. We especially focused on the consequences of this welfare improvement - or its absence- on personality, socio-cognitive abilities, stress and performances.

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