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Talks and papers on MGS

Dernière mise à jour : mardi 6 juin 2006, par Camille Parisel

Paper :
- A simple method for the characterization of HPGe detectors ITMC2004 - Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, Como, Italy, May 2004. download)

Talks :

- MGS current Status, Agata Week, Strasbourg, November 2005 (download)

New way of computing the charge signal leading to less energy deposit.

- MGS Study of Performance, MGS2005 Workshop, Strasbourg, April 2005 (download)

Summary, rise time, comparison with fem simulation (femlab)

- MGS current Status, Agata Week, Darmstadt, February 2005 (download)

Batch mode and rise time study

- MGS Multi Geometry Simulation, PSA Meeting, Munich, September 2004 (download)

MGS for Pulse shape analysis

- Simulation software for the study of Ge detectors, Dapnia/CEA open talk, Paris, April 2003 (download)

Numerical simulation of Ge detectors, anisotropy study and Pulse Shape Analysis for planar detector

Links to research groups using MGS :
- Detector characterization, University of Liverpool (web page)
- PSA and Characterization Meeting, Munich, September 2004
(link to presentation and talks)