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Robots to understand the structure and functioning of penguin colonies

Last update: : Friday 27 September 2019, by Nicolas Busser

Presented by: Yvon Le Maho, IPHC-DEPE
Date: Thursday 6th June 2019, 13:00-14:30
Place: Amphithéàtre Grünewald, Batiment 25

In colonial species, it is often assumed that locations in the center of the colony are of highest quality and provide highest breeding success, i.e. the “central-periphery” model. Our previous data in a King Penguin colony of Crozet Archipelago have however shown that the relationships among breeding site, breeding success, and individual quality, are more complex. Evolutionary patterns, such as the absence of territorial defence during breeding in emperor penguins, have moreover to be considered. Yet, the major difficulty is to avoid disturbance and therefore bias when investigating how the individual birds are located in the colony in relation to their age, to their experience and the conditions at sea. This is why I have decided to develop robots, possibly camouflaged in fake penguins.