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Publications / Proceedings

Last update: : Monday 11 July 2016, by Elian Bouquerel


  • ESSnuSB Project to Produce Intense Beams of Neutrinos and Muons, E. Bouquerel, 57th ICFA Advanced Beam Dynamics Workshop on High-Intensity and High-Brightness Hadron Beams
  • The opportunity offered by the ESSnuSB project to exploit the larger leptonic CP violation signal at the second oscillation maximum and the requirements of this project on the ESS accelerator complex,
    E. Wildner, E. Baussan, E. Bouquerel, J. Cederkäll, M. Dracos, T. Ekelöf et al., Hindawi Journals, 2016
    (article in press)
  • Muon Production via the ESSνSB Project,
    E. Bouquerel, E. Baussan, M. Dracos, N. Vassilopoulos, IPAC16 Proceedings.


  • The accumulator of the ESSnuSB for neutrino production,
    E. Wildner, M. Martini, M. Eshraqi, M. Lindroos, E. Bouquerel, M. Dracos, N. Vassilopoulos et al., IPAC15 Proceedings.


  • European Long-baseline Neutrino Oscillation Projects,
    M. Dracos, proceedings of NuFact2014 conference, POS (NUFACT2014) 008.
  • ESSnuSB: A New Facility Concept for the Production of Very Intense Neutrino Beams in Europe, E. Bouquerel, E. Baussan, M. Dracos et al., IPAC14 Proceedings.
  • The Accumulator of the ESSnuSB for Neutrino Production, E. Wildner, J. Jonnerby, E. Bouquerel, M. Dracos et al., IPAC14 Proceedings.


  • ESS based neutrino Super Beam for CP Violation discovery, M. Dracos, proceedings of NuFact2013 conference, 2013.
  • Neutrinos from ESS: Source, Linac upgrade and Accumulator, M. Dracos, proceedings of NuFact2013 conference, 2013.
  • Preliminary Design of a 4 MW Proton Beam Switchyard for a Neutrino Super Beam Production Facility, E. Bouquerel et al., IPAC’13 Proceedings.


  • The use the a high intensity neutrino beam from the ESS proton linac for measurement of neutrino CP violation and mass hierarchy,
    Baussan et al., Dec 2012, arXiv:1212.5048