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Mini-Symposium DEPE PhD Students

Last update: : Tuesday 3 October 2017, by Nicolas Busser

Presented by: Florian Kletty & Martin Queque
Date: Thursday 9th Nov, 13:30-14:30
Place: IPHC, Amphithéâtre Grünewald, bâtiment 25

13:30-13:50: Florian Kletty

Restoration of biodiversity in agricultural areas via innovative agricultural practices

Different innovative agricultural practices exist, like mixed cropping, cover crops or reduced tillage, and could improve biological diversity in farmland ecosystem. This doctoral project will focus on the effect of such practices on different levels of the ecosystem, and aim to identify solutions which could benefit farmland species while being accepted by farmers.

13:50-14:10: Martin Queque

Co-Evolution of Social Organization and Longevity in Ants

My thesis project aims to understand how the social organization of ants can influence the longevity and/or the aging rate of individuals, depending on their social role (queen, in/outside worker). To this end, I will use diverse tools, such as Social Network Analysis, mass spectrometry, and computer-based modelling.