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Dernière mise à jour : mercredi 8 janvier 2020, par Brigitte GAILLARD , Carsten Schradin

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There have been several newspaper reports in Germany and Switzerland about our study published 2010 in Frontiers in Zoology, including one in the Süddeutsche Zeitung and on

Guest on German TV, Planet Wissen, broadcast on “Rats and Mice“). June 2010.

Schradin, C. 2008. Le comportement paternel chez les animaux sauvages indigenes. Chasse et Nature 23. (Translated article).

Schradin, C. 2007. Die Biologie des Vaters : Was uns die Verhaltensforschung über Väter berichten kann. Filander Verlag, Fürth, Germany. Popular science book.

12min TV broadcast about our research project by Marc Tschudin, on Swiss and German TV, including one short English broadcast on German Welle TV.

Vaterliebe nach Bedarf. Horizonte (magazine of the Swiss National Science Foundation), March 2005, p. 8. Report about Schradin & Pillay 2005, Behavioral Ecology35, 266-267.

2000 : Peacekeepers among the shell seekers. Research report by Nature