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Master detectors

Dernière mise à jour : vendredi 7 octobre 2005, par Nicolas Busser

The neutrons are usually detected in coincidence with the emitting sources. The detection of these heavy nuclei or fragments is taken into account by specific master detectors : Silicon telescopes, parallel plate avalanche counters, channel plates,...

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Experiment E236 at GANIL (1994) : two 5x5 cm2 Silicon telescopes are used at forward angles to detect the projectile-like fragment and two 16x16 cm2 parallel plate avalanche counters XYZA at backward angles to detect the target-like fragment.


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Experiment "bimodal fission" at VIVITRON (1996) : two small channel plates (CORSET) deliver the start signal and four bigger ones record the stop and the position signals of the fission fragments.