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MGS Workshop

Dernière mise à jour : mercredi 5 avril 2006, par Camille Parisel , Nicolas Busser

First workshop around MGS presenting current trends in detector characterization and pulse shape generation (April 2005).


- Agata coincidence measurements and initial comparison with Mgs (A. Boston, University of Liverpool) (Download)
- Eldelweiss : about germanium detector’s ionisation (A. Broniatowski, CSNSM) (Download)
- Characterization of a 12-fold segmented MINIBALL detector : the confirmation of an anisotropic hole mobility model (B. Bruyneel, IKP Koln) (Download)
- Simulation model of CSP (B. Cahan, Ganil - presented by A. Boujrad) (Download)
- Simulation of detection of gamma radiation by germanium detector (F. Courtine, LPC Aubière) (Download)
- Characterisation and 3D modelling of pixelated Cd(Zn)Te detectors (B. Dirks, CEA Dapnia) (Download)
- Exogam simulation and comparison with experimental data (S. Gros, University of Liverpool) (Not available)
- Pulse shape analysis unsing the constraints least squares minimization (A. Olariu, IPNO) (Download)
- AGATA detector characterization : Quick 3D scanning system (N. Saito, GSI Damstadt) (Download)
- Mgs : performances study (C. Santos, IReS) (Download)
- Simulating Agata preamplifier response and ADC : current status (M. Schlarb, TU Munich) (Download)


Camille Parisel & Cayetano Santos
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