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Effects of global change on Population Dynamics of leatherback Dermochelys coriacea in the Atlantic Ocean

Dernière mise à jour : lundi 12 septembre 2016, par Nicolas Busser

While the Ocean plays a key role in the climate of our planet, still little is known about the vulnerability of marine ecosystems to climate change and the capacity of adaptation of species. If sea surface variables can be continuously monitored by satellites, assessing the productivity of higher trophic levels by oceanographic campaigns is impossible due to the huge dimension of the Oceans and their heterogeneity. In this context, there is a great interest to use predators such as marine turtles, as sensitive indicators of environmental changes since they integrate the effects of climate on lower levels of food chains. The drastic decline of sea turtle populations in the world, due to human activities, led the international bodies to consider them as in danger of extinction. Because of their ectothermic status, sea turtles, are directly exposed to the effects of changes in atmospheric and oceanic temperatures. Based on CMR, we’ll determine life-history traits to understand population dynamics of the Leatherback. This multidimensional approach, investigating at different spatial and temporal scales, the causes and mechanisms of population histories and individual optimization of resources in Leatherback, will contribute to understand the potential for recovery in this endangered species in a global change context.

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