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DTUC homepage

Dernière mise à jour : mercredi 23 octobre 2013, par Marc RICHER

The ’Distributed Tnt USB Control’ softwares can act as some TUC extension / complement having several TNT cards to operate (3,4,...10,...).

The main idea is to have several USB host PC’s where one or more cards could be plugged.
On each PC, some TUC instance could be launched, but, of course, they will operate totally independently from each other.

With DTUC, some small ’DTUC server’ has to be launched on each USB host PC. Then, another piece of software (’DTUC GUI Client’) that can be launched anywhere but in the same ethernet network, will be able to communicate with each ’DTUC server’, to view/set whole parametersets of cards and to start/stop some acquisition.

DTUC can be usefull in order to
- get some different handling, views, feature while operating a group of cards
- get some maximum readout performance. As actual USB2 REAL bandwidth is around 40 MB/s (for one single card, about 25 MB/s), if several cards are plugged on same PC they will share this 40 MB/s bandwidth. Thus, having very high counting rates and wanting to minimize the risk of loosing some events due to USB readout phase, the aim is to have not so many cards plugged on each PC...

DTUC uses / needs :
- Private Network with at least 100Mbits,
- Java RMI technology to communicate through the acquisition network,
- some pieces / component of TUC software
- some of the FreeHEP java libraries :

  • JAS plotter
  • AIDA and JAIDA...
WhenWhatNotesJava sources
July 2013 TUC, DTUC, TAN, TDC co bundled For VHDL code >=2.2...

See TUC/DTUC download
See TUC/DTUC download
Jan. 2010
Zip - 7.2 Mo
TUC 3.43 & DTUC 0.43
TUC & DTUC co-bundled
For VHDL code >=2.2 See TUC/DTUC download
Zip - 4.1 Mo
DTUC 0.4
Only for embedded VHDL V2.2 from 14/09/2009. Prior VHDL codes will not work.
Java 6 compiled
Zip - 401.8 ko
DTUC 0.4 sources
TUC 3.4 also needed
and jusb for linux...

See TUC download

Zip - 3.6 Mo
DTUC 0.3
Contain complete DTUC softwares (server & GUI parts).Startup script corrected
Java 6 compiled
Zip - 307.9 ko
DTUC 0.3 Java sources
TUC also needed

TUC’s sources are also needed :

Zip - 760.3 ko
TUC 3.3 sources

See TUC download

Installation notes :
- DTUC servers must be launched at every PC where Tnt cards are plugged
- DTUC GUI can be launched anywhere on the same network (but also on same PC where DTUC server has been launched).
- TUC can also be used in parallel to DTUC : you must simply take care of what you do. If something is changed within TUC, you will need to refresh /re-ask cards parameters at DTCU’s side..and vice-versa.
- Both DTUC’s parts are in fact the same software files, but launched with different arguments.
- More information at article 542

Installation Zip file contain :

DTUC main program file DTUC.jar
DTUC library used « lib » sub -directory containing 17 files These are java archive files, JAR files.
Startup script for ’Server’ part DTUC-Server.bat For XP/2000/Vista
Startup script for ’GUI’ part DTUC-GUI.bat For XP/2000/Vista
A DLL library that must be put in the installation directory. This act as some interface between the java softwares and the Windows I/O system API’s wich relay communications for TNT cards to the attached USB2 driver usbtnt.dll For XP/2000/Vista

For linux installation and for other installations informations see TUC installation