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n-γ discrimination

The n-γ discrimination is obtained by a pulse shape analysis by comparison of the slow component of the charge to the total one. A very good discrimination is obtained down to 150 keVee which corresponds to an energy of less than 1 MeV.


DEMON has a high intrinsic efficiency over a large energy range : 50% for a neutron of 10 MeV and still 30 to 40% at 50 MeV.

Energy resolution

The energy of the neutrons is obtained by the measured time of flight which resolution is of 1.2 ns. The time of flight is corrected for the interaction distance inside the 20 cm deep cell.

Geometrical acceptance

The geometrical acceptance of DEMON is of about 4-5% of when the scintillators are at a distance of around 1.8 meters.


The cross-talk of DEMON is very low and becomes negligible when the distance between two adjacent cells is of 16 cm.


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