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Autres publications

Dernière mise à jour : jeudi 22 novembre 2012, par Brigitte GAILLARD

Criscuolo F., Monaghan P, Nasir L and Metcalfe NB (2008) Early nutrition and phenotypic development : “catch-up” growth leads to elevated metabolic rate in adulthood. Proc. Roy. Soc. London B., 275 : 1565-1570.

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Mathis, C., Vogel, E., Cagniard, B., Criscuolo, F. and Ungerer, A. The neurosteroid pregnenolone sulfate blocks deficits induced by a competitivz NMDA antagonist in active avoidance and lever-press leading tasks in mice. Neuropharmacology 35 (1996) 8 : 1057- 1064.

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Criscuolo, F., Gabrielsen, G.W., Gendner, J.-P. and Le Maho, Y. (2001) Common Eider nesting in Svalbard : for a better understanding of the physiological process regulating body mass. Annual Activity Report of the French Polar Institute Paul Emile Victor : 59-64.