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Autres publications

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Studies in social cognition and collective performances

Andrieu J., Henry S., Hausberger M., Thierry B. (2015). Informed horses are influential in group movements, but they may avoid leading. Animal Cognition (in press).
Bourjade M., Thierry B., Hausberger M. & Petit O. (2015). Is leadership a reliable concept in animals ? An empirical study in the horse. Plos One 10 : e0126344.
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Costes-Thiré M., Levé M., Uhlrich P., De Marco A. & Thierry B. (2015). Lack of evidence that Tonkean macaques understand what others can hear. Animal Cognition 18 : 251-258.
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Pelé M., Dufour V., Thierry B. & Call J. (2009). Token transfers among great apes (gorilla gorilla, pongo pygmaeus, pan paniscus, and pan troglodytes) : Species differences, gestural requests, and reciprocal exchange. Journal of Comparative Psychology 123 : 375-384

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Studies in macaque behaviour and evolution

Adams M.J., Majolo B., Ostner J., Schülke O., De Marco A., Thierry B., Engelhardt A., Widdig A., Gerald M.S. & Weiss A. (2015). Personality structure and social style in macaques. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 109 : 338-353.

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Studies in Tonkean and other Sulawesi macaques

Sanna A., De Marco A., Thierry B. & Cozzolino R. (2015). Growth rates in a captive population of Tonkean macaques. Primates 56 : 227–233.
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Reviews in French

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Primary education

Les sociétés des macaques, 2004.