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Autres publications

Dernière mise à jour : mercredi 7 janvier 2015, par Brigitte GAILLARD

Bourgeon, S., Criscuolo, F., Bertile, F., Raclot, T., Gabrielsen, G.W. & Massemin-Challet, S. (2006). Effects of clutch sizes and incubation stage on nest desertion in the female Common eider, Somateria mollissima nesting in the high Arctic. Polar Biol 29 : 358-363.

Criscuolo, F., Bertile, F., Durant, J.M., Raclot, T., Gabrielsen, G.W., Massemin, S. & Chastel, O. (2006). Body mass and clutch size may modulate prolactin and corticosterone levels in eiders. Physiol Biochem Zool 79 : 514-521.

Massemin-Challet, S., Gendner, J.-P., Samtmann, S., Pichegru, L., Wulgue, A. & Le Maho, Y. (2006). The effect of migration strategy and food availability on White Stork Ciconia ciconia breeding success. Ibis 148 : 503-508.

Durant, J., Massemin, S. & Handrich, Y. (2004). More eggs the better : egg formation in captive Barn owls. The Auk 121 : 103-109.

Massemin, S., Korpimäki, E., Zorn, T., Pöyri, V. & Speakman, J.R. (2003). Nestling energy expenditure of Eurasian kestrels Falco tinnunculus in relation to food intake and hatching order. Avian Sci 3 : 1-12.

Massemin, S., Korpimäki, E., Poyri, V. & Zorn, T. (2002). Influence of hatching order on growth rate and resting metabolism of kestrel nestlings. JAvian Biol 33 : 235-244.

Durant, J.M., Massemin, S., Thouzeau, C. & Handrich, Y. (2000). Body reserves and nutritional needs during laying preparation in barn owls. Journal of Comparative Physiology B-Biochemical Systemic and Environmental Physiology 170 : 253-260.

Massemin S., Korpimäki E. & Wiehn J. 2000. Reversed sexual size dimorphism in raptors : evaluation of the hypotheses in kestrels breeding in a temporally changing environment. Oecologia 124 : 26-32.

Massemin, S., Le Maho, Y. & Handrich, Y. (1998). Seasonal pattern in age, sex and body condition of barn owls Tyto alba killed on motorways. Ibis 140 : 70-75.

Massemin S. & Zorn T. 1998. Highway mortality of barn owls in northeastern France. Journal of Raptor Research 32 : 229-232.

Massemin, S. & Handrich, Y. (1997). Higher winter mortality of the Barn Owl compared to the Long-eared Owl and the Tawny Owl : Influence of lipid reserves and insulation ? Condor 99 : 969-971.

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