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Double Chooz (2007-2017)

The Double Chooz experiment goal is to search for a non-vanishing value of the θ13 neutrino mixing angle. This is the last step to accomplish prior moving towards a new era of precision measurements in the lepton sector.

The most stringent constraint on the third mixing angle comes from the CHOOZ reactor neutrino experiment with sin2(2θ13)<0.2. Double Chooz will explore the range of sin2(2θ13) from 0.2 to 0.03, within three years of data taking. The improvement of the CHOOZ result requires an increase in the statistics, a reduction of the systematic error below one percent, and a careful control of the backgrounds. Therefore, Double Chooz uses two identical detectors, one at 400 m and another at 1.05 km distance from the Chooz nuclear cores.

In addition, the near detector investigates the potential of neutrinos for monitoring the civil nuclear power plants.

The Double Chooz collaboration is composed of institutions from Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom and USA.

For more information:

- Official website: here
- Double Chooz is an international collaboration of over 160 scientists and engineers from eight different countries: list of institutes.