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All people at EPE

December 2018

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April 2018
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October 2017
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July 2016
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January 2016
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July 2015
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January 2014


Name email Link
Francois Criscuolo link
Carsten Schradin link
Cedric Sueur link
Vincent a Viblanc link

Research engineer

Name email link
Marie Pelé link

Technical staff

Name email Link
Gildas Lemonnier link
Sandrine Zahn link


Name email Project Link
Céline Rochais Postdoc at the striped mouse project : Eco-physiology of cognition link
Rebecca Rimbach Postdoc at the striped mouse project : Reducing daily energy expenditure as an adaptive response to droughts link
Pauline Vuarin Postdoc at the striped mouse project : Geographic variation and social flexibility. link
Charlotte Canteloup Post-doc at Inkawu Vervet Project link

PhD students

Name email Project Link
Alexandre Naud How considering spatial dimensions of older adults social networks can inform research on healthy ageing link
Isaac Debache Healthy ageing and Networks in Cities
Benoit Letang Gestion du plan d’élevage européen du gorille des plaines de l’ouest (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) captif
Martin Quque Co-evolution of Longevity and Social Organization link
Oliver Bles Dynamique et mécanismes de régulation de la gestion des ressources alimentaires chez les fourmis


Name Position Project Period Link
Amandine Ramos PhD Collective decision making during group movements in North-American plain bison (Bison bison) 2014-2017 link
Valeria ROMANO DE PAULA PhD Social networks as a trade-off between optimal information transmission and reduced disease transmission 2013-2017 link
Ivan PUGA-GONZALES Postdoc Individual-based models of reciprocation and interchange of social behaviors 2015-2017 link
Charlotte Récapet Postdoc Social modulation of the trade-off between offspring number and size in Columbian Ground-Squirrels 2016 link
Xavier MEYER PhD Does complexity in behavioural organization allow seabirds to adapt to changes in their environment ? 2013-2016 link
Audrey MAILLE Postdoc Ecophysiology of cognition 2013-2015 link
Julie DUBOSCQ Postdoc Social networks and parasite transmission 2013-2015 link
Cristian PASQUARETTA Postdoc Social network analysis 2013-2015 link
Edith Grosbellet PhD Circadian rhythms and oxidative stress in mammals 2011-2014 link
Sophie Reichert PhD Telomere dynamics and fitness related-traits in birds 2010-2013 link
Antoine Stier PhD Mitochondrial uncoupling and life history trade-offs. 2010-2013 link