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Conférences et séminaires » TECT-INCORE summer school 2008 (Organizer : R. Noë)

TECT-INCORE summer school 2008 (Organizer : R. Noë)

Dernière mise à jour

Tools of the trade in cooperation research.

This summer school is part of two European research programmes that centre on the study of the phenomenon ’cooperation’ : TECT and INCORE

The goals of the summer school are :

- strengthening theoretical and methodological knowledge

- improvement of ongoing projects

- exchanges between teachers and students from different disciplines

The summer school is first and foremost meant for PhD-students and post-docs working in the programmes TECT and GEBACO, but we’ll welcome other students interested in the phenomenon cooperation too, as far as places are available.

Obernai, France Aug 30-Sep 6, 2008