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Séminaire présenté par le Prof. Yoshifumi R. Shimizu, Kyushu University, Japan

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Improved BCS Method for Exotic Nuclei near the Neutron Drip Line

Par : Prof. Yoshifumi R. Shimizu, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan
Date : mardi 8 mars 2011 à 14h00
Lieu : IPHC, Salle Mondrian, Bâtiment 25

Résumé :

The pairing correlations have been known to be very important for nuclear structure. Recently, it got a renewed interest in the study of unstable nuclei, where the effect of continuum states is expected to play an important role. The BCS method is the standard to treat the pairing correlation in stable nuclei, but it breaks down in weakly-bound nuclei because of the neutron gas problem surrounding the nucleus. We have recently improved the BCS method by extending the Kruppa’s idea to properly take into account the effect of unbound states on the level density. I would like to show that the disastrous problem of the neutron gas in the conventional BCS treatment can be circumvented. In spite of its simplicity, our new treatment gives similar results for various observables to those obtained by more elaborate Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov calculations.

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