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Séminaire présenté par le Dr. Sven Heinemeyer

Dernière mise à jour

Precision Observables in the MSSM : New Results and Applications (What is the scale of supersymmetry ?)

(CERN, Genève)

Le jeudi 29 mars mars 2007 à 15h00

Salle Masters ex DEA du bâtiment 26
Campus CNRS, IPHC, 23 rue du Loess, Strasbourg-Cronenbourg

Résumé :

Electroweak precision observables, such as the W boson mass or theweak effective leptonic mixing angle, can be predicted in the Standard Model or its minimal supersymmetric extension (MSSM). We present new results for the predictions in the MSSM and compare them with the current and anticipated future experimental precisions. Subsequently, using a chi2 fit, these results are used to determine the currently experimentally favored region of the SUSY parameter space. The corresponding reach of the Tevatron, the LHC and the ILC are briefly discussed.

Contact :

Denis GELE