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Séminaire présenté par le Dr. Elisa RAPISARDA, CERN, Genève

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Shape effects in Hg isotopes around midshell N=104

Par : Dr. Elisa RAPISARDA, CERN, Genève
Date : mardi 2 octobre 2012 à 11h00
Lieu : IPHC, Salle de Réunion 2e étage du Bâtiment 27

Résumé : The mass region of neutron-deficient mercury and lead isotopes near the midshell (N=104) is well known for the phenomenon of shape coexistence. Extensive studies on the phenomenon have been carried out at ISOLDE in CERN. Coulomb excitation of post-accelerated radioactive beams using the MINIBALL setup and beta-spectroscopy using the Wind Mill decay station are among the several experimental techniques exploited to carry out such investigations. In both cases, the resonant ionization laser technique provides an elegant and effective way to improve purity of the radioactive beams but also to access the properties of isomeric states.
In the seminar, the study of properties of shape-coexisting states in neutron deficient mercury isotopes probed through the beta-decay of laser ionized thallium isotopes will be presented. Finally the complementary of these measurements with the Coulomb excitation experiments performed with the Miniball setup will be discussed.

Personne à contacter : Radomira LOZEVA