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Séminaire présenté par le Dr. Deyan YORDANOV, CERN, Genève

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Nuclear structure of magnesium and cadmium from collinear laser spectroscopy

Par : Dr. Deyan YORDANOV, CERN, Genève, Suisse
Date : mardi 21 février 2012 à 11h00
Lieu : IPHC, Salle de Réunion 2e étage du Bâtiment 27

Résumé :

The isotopic chain of magnesium cuts across two prominent regions of nuclear collectivity. Deformation is suggested to be driven by cluster configurations near the stable 24Mg, whereas strong proton-neutron correlations determine the structure of nuclei in the so-called island of inversion around 32Mg. The collectivity of the isotopes lighter than 24Mg is certainly an open question, as is the transition to a deformed configuration in the island of inversion. Neither of these can be investigated through the static quadrupole moment due to spins 0 or 1/2 of most key isotopes. Accordingly, rms charge radii have been measured over the entire sd shell (21-31Mg). The results will be discussed in terms of deformation in light nuclei near N=8 and N=20. Comparison with theoretical calculations using the Fermionic Molecular Dynamics model will be presented as well.

The first hyperfine-structure study of cadmium by high-resolution laser spectroscopy will be presented. Spins, electromagnetic moments and root mean square charge radii of ground and isomeric states have been measured in the range 106-124, 126Cd. The ground-state spins have been determined as being 1/2, 3/2, and 5/2 in close relation with the corresponding single-particle orbitals of the sdgh shell. Evidence is found weather the isomeric configuration is 11/2- in all odd isotopes. The data are sensitive to changes in the degree of collectivity between the ground states and the isomers, not only from their quadrupole moments, but also through their rms charge radii. This opens the possibility to investigate for possible shape coexistence.

Personne à contacter : Radomira LOZEVA