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Séminaire présenté par le Dr Alexander G. Magner

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Par : Dr Alexander G. Magner
Date : Le jeudi 20 août à 16h
Lieu : Salle de séminaires du Bât 27/2

Résumé :

Semiclassical shell-structure components of the moment of inertia for the collective rotation of a Fermi system within the mean-field cranking model are studied by using the periodic-orbit theory. We derived semiclassically a relation of these components to the free-energy shell corrections through the shell-structure rigid-body moment of inertia for the statistically equilibrium rotation of a single-particle potential well. For the case of the axially symmetric harmonic oscillator, their analytical structure was found, like in the free-energy shell corrections, in terms of both the short 3-dimensional and equatorial periodic orbits. The shell effects in the moment of inertia exponentially disappear with increasing temperature. One observes a perfect agreement of the semiclassical and quantum shell-structure components of the free energy and the moment of inertia for several critical bifurcation deformations and temperatures.

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Sandrine COURTIN