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Séminaire présenté par Thomas DUGUET

Dernière mise à jour

Non-empirical pairing energy functional for nuclei

(CEA, Saclay)

Mercredi 26 novembre à 16h00

Bât 27, 2e étage, salle de séminaires
IPHC, 23 rue du Loess, Strasbourg-Cronenbourg
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Résumé :

I will discuss the first systematic finite-nuclei calculations performed using the Energy Density Functional method and a non-empirical pairing functional derived from basic nuclear interactions. The aim of such a work is two-fold (i) improving on currently used empirical energy functionals that lack predictive power away from known experimental data (ii) understand the microscopic processes responsible for superfluidity in finite nuclei. Results of calculations performed at lowest-order in the nuclear plus Coulomb two-nucleon interactions will be presented and compared to experimental data. Doing so, neutron-neutron and proton-proton pairing properties of finite nuclei will be characterized in a systematic and microscopic way.

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Sandrine COURTIN