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Séminaire présenté par Nicolas Perony - ETH de Zurich

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Biological reality mining for the behavioural sciences

Par : Nicolas PERONY - ETH de Zurich
Date : mercredi 29 janvier à 14h30
Lieu : IPHC-DEPE, bibliothèque bâtiment 60

Résumé :

Behavioural studies are increasingly benefitting from the performance and miniaturisation of individual sensors, driven forwards by the embedded electronics industry. This trend lays the ground for a paradigm shift in the behavioural sciences, as the amount of available information abruptly changes from individual and partial to global and extensive. As this happens, researchers will be faced with challenges in (i) the integration of multimodal sensor data, (ii) the extraction of meaningful behavioural information from the integrated data, and (iii) the interpretation of this information in relation to previous studies. This process is termed "reality mining" of animal and ecological systems. Based on examples from my past and current work on social mammals as well as other research, I will outline my views on this ongoing phenomenon and discuss its potential for the study of behaviour as a whole.