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Séminaire présenté par Jean-Hervé LIGNOT, IPHC-DEPE

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Postprandial thermogenesis for juvenile Burmese pythons, Python molurus

Par : Jean-Hervé LIGNOT, IPHC-DEPE, Equipe Physiologie Energétique
Date : Jeudi 25 mars 2010 à 13h30
Lieu : IPHC, Salle de réunion du DEPE, bât.60

Résumé :

Infrequent feeders such as the ectothermic Burmese python, Python molurus bivittatus, experience a dramatic metabolic up-regulation during each meal digestion. The induced thermogenesis may therefore be influenced by ambient temperature and the size of the meal. The heat generated after feeding was thus identified using infrared thermal images and surgically implanted loggers at different temperatures (20, 25, 30, and 35°C) for a meal size equalling 20% of snake body mass. The effect of different meal sizes (10, 20, or 30% of the snake body mass) on thermogenesis was also investigated by recording at 30°C skin and body temperatures as well as the specific dynamic action (SDA).

Skin and body temperatures of digesting pythons kept at 20°C are barely elevated above room temperature. However, between 25 and 35°C, thermogenesis rapidly increases after feeding up to 1–2.5°C above room temperature and peaks 20-24 hours after feeding. Thereafter, body temperature remains elevated before returning to room temperature 50-80 hours after feeding. Also, with big preys pythons experience a larger and longer thermogenesis. For 10% meal, body temperature rose by 1.2°C and remained elevated for 60 hours, whereas for the 30% meals, body temperature increased by 2.5 °C and remained elevated for 80 hours. Therefore, the pythons’ thermogenic profiles match the postprandial oxygen consumptions, although differences exist that should be carefully considered. As a by-product of the digestion work, this endogenous heat production must be beneficial to the python in increasing the rate of meal digestion and assimilation.

Personne à contacter : Jean-Hervé LIGNOT