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Séminaire présenté par Carole Brendel - DEPE

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The effect of landscape on habitat use of Eurasian badger Meles meles

Par : Carole BRENDEL (Doctorant DEPE (Co-dir. J.Y. Georges))

Date : Jeudi 17 février 2011 à 13h30
Lieu : amphithéâtre Matthias Grünewald - Bât. 25

Résumé :

Intensification of agriculture is one of the main causes of habitat fragmentation which has many consequences on biodiversity. Indeed, habitat fragmentation involves great species decline, especially among specialist species. On the other hand, populations of some more generalist species seem to increase in an anthropogenic landscape but the underlying mechanisms of such inter-specific trends are still poorly understood.

The Eurasian badger Meles meles is a mustelid with a wide geographic range, inhabiting a large variety of habitats. Previous studies have shown that this generalist carnivore has very variable spatial organization among those habitats. To identify and understand the mechanisms involved in such behavioural and ecological plasticity, we investigated the habitat use, movements, and time budget in badgers exploiting contrasted habitats, namely a high fragmented habitat : agricultural plain/edged farmland and in a low fragmented habitat : forest, in Ardennes, northern France. Here we present the first results of this PhD study.

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