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Séminaire présenté par Armand Jacobs - DEPE

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Collective movements of Japanese macaques : a multilevel hierarchical organization

Par : Armand JACOBS (DEPE - Ethologie Evolutive)
Date : Jeudi 20 janvier 2011 à 13h30
Lieu : Amphithéâtre M. Grünewald - Bâtiment 25

Résumé :
Many social animals need to remain cohesive in order to benefit from group-living advantages such as a decreased predation threat and foraging benefits. And if individuals live as a group, then they have to move as a group and overcome their conflict of interest in order to come up with a decision about where and when to move next, decision that the whole group will abide by.

Most of you probably heard this quite a couple of time already as this is the mainstay of many studies on collective movements. Well, even though this is true for many species I will show the limits of this paradigm and discuss - from the perspective of collective movements- the cases when a temporary split of the group and a weak cohesion is more beneficial than staying tightly together. I will also discuss the multilevel hierarchical organization at stake in group movements of Japanese macaques with what appear to be different mechanisms at the group scale and at a more local scale.

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