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Séminaire présenté par Akiko KATO-ROPERT, IPHC-DEPE

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Analysis of bio-logging data by IGOR

Par : Akiko KATO-ROPERT, IPHC-DEPE, Equipe Stratégies énergétiques et comportementales
Date : Jeudi 18 février 2010 à 13 h 30
Lieu : IPHC, salle de réunion du DEPE, bâtiment 60

Résumé :

I have studied the behavior, ecology and physiology of marine top predators using the bio-logging techniques. Bio-logging is relatively new domain of science, which enabled us to access the animals which had been difficult to study. The devices attached on the animals measure various parameters like pressure, temperature, speed, light, acceleration, ECG, images etc, which give us information about their behavior, physiology and environment. Thanks to the technological development, data loggers are miniaturized and parameters are varied.

At the same time, data capacity became bigger and bigger. The raw data of bio-logging devise is a long time-series data which need to be visualized, interpreted, extracted and summarized. I will introduce how to analyse this kind of data using a software called IGOR Pro (Wavemetrics, USA).

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