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Séminaire du Dr Ruben Sandapen

Dernière mise à jour

J/Ψ electroproduction and the charm structure in the colour dipole model.

Dr Ruben Sandapen
(University of Moncton, Canada)

le vendredi 2 Juin à 14h30

Salle de Visioconférences du bâtiment 25
IReS, 23 rue du Loess, Strasbourg-Cronenbourg

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The phenomenological colour dipole model offers a unified picture of diffractive photoprocesses over a wide range of the photons’s virtuality, Q2.

Here we compare the predictions of a recent dipole model with the latest HERA data for J/Psi electroproduction and for the charm structure function. We shal also discuss the possible observation of gluon saturation effects in the data.

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Denis GELE