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Séminaire du Dr Ray YAREMA (Fermilab, USA)

Dernière mise à jour

3D Circuit Intégration for High Energy Physics.

Le Mardi 3 octobre 2006 à 14h30

Salle de DEA – Bâtiment 26 - IPHC
Campus CNRS, 23 rue du Loess, Strasbourg-Cronenbourg

Abstract :

Industry is pursuing 3D integrating circuits to enhance circuit performance. The techniques and technologies being employed can be of benefit to the High Energy Physics community. There are two general approaches that can be followed : die to wafer bonding, and wafer to wafer bonding. Each has its own benefits. Both of these approaches are being investigated at Fermilab. The die to wafer bonding approach is being studied through the services of two different vendors using devices produced at Fermilab for a previous experiment. The wafer to wafer bonding approach is being pursued with one vendor using their 0.18 um SOI process. The capabilities of these two different approaches are presented through a brief description of devices that have been fabricated. Critical processes for 3D integration are described. Design of a 3D circuit in an SOI process for High Energy Physics is presented.

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Denis GELE