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Séminaire du Dr Natasha TIMOFEYUK

Dernière mise à jour

Asymptotic normalization coefficients : theoretical calculations, experimental determinations and astrophysical applications.


(Physics Department, University of SURREY, U.K.)

le Jeudi 30 mars 2006 à 16 h00

Salle de Visioconférences - Bâtiment 25
IReS, 23 rue du Loess, Strasbourg-Cronenbourg

Abstract :

We know many nuclear reactions for which the cross sections are determined by the probability for a valence nucleon to stay far away from the nucleons of the core. Examples are direct peripheral transfer reactions, Coulomb breakup and low-energy radiative capture. Such a probability is determined by Asymptotic Normalization Coefficients (ANCs). These ANCs are related in a simple way to the coupling constants for one-nucleon virtual decays and they probe such components of nucleon-nucleon interactions that are not present in nuclear Hamiltonians. A growing interest of the nuclear physics community to the ANCs is connected with their applications in nuclear astrophysics, especially for reactions involving loosely-bound halo nuclei.

In the present talk, I will briefly describe methods to calculate ANCs and to determine them from experimental data. A large part of my talk will be devoted to relation between ANCs for mirror nucleon decays. This mirror symmetry can be used to predict unknown or to verify known cross sections of astrophysical relevance and I will show several examples of such applications.

Contact :

Sandrine COURTIN

Florent HAAS