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Séminaire du Dr J. Rotureau le 16/1 Salle de Visioconférences – Bâtiment 25

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Nuclear decays with three fragments in the final state are very exotic processes. The two-proton radioactivity is an example of such decay which can occur for even-Z nuclei in the vicinity of the proton drip-line. In the case where pairing correlations are strong enough to prevent one proton decay, the two protons are emitted simultaneously by a direct mechanism from the initial nucleus. In the other situation where one proton emission channel is opened, two-proton decay could also occur by an indirect (sequential) mechanism via states of the intermediate nucleus.

In order to have a microscopic description of the two-proton radioactivity, we have recently extended the formalism of the Shell Model Embedded in the Continuum (SMEC) for the two-particle continuum.

During this talk, I will first present the theoretical limiting cases corresponding to the different mechanisms of two-proton decays in the SMEC formalism, and I will discuss results we have obtained for the two-proton radioactivity in 18Ne, 45Fe, 48Ni and 54Zn nuclei.

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