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Séminaire du Dr Hans EMLING, 26/01, Salle de Visioconférences - Bâtiment 25

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At GSI, secondary beams of unstable nuclei with kinetic energies of several hundred MeV/u are produced in fragmentation and fission reactions followed by in-flight isotope separation. The LAND detector setup is designed for studies of projectile break-up in peripheral collisions induced, e.g., by nucleon knockout or Coulomb dissociation.

At present, the experiments focus on neutron-rich isotopes ranging from light nuclei at the drip line to medium-heavy nuclei. Measured dipole strength distributions reveal a strong fragmentation with a considerable fraction of strength located nearby the neutron separation threshold. In the doubly magic 132Sn and in neighbouring isotopes, a resonance-like structure is observed revealing the characteristics of a pygmy resonance, a predicted new dipole mode of excess neutrons oscillating out of phase with the core nucleons.

The exotic nuclear beam facility planned within the international FAIR project at GSI will be briefly addressed, which promises much improved conditions and which will allow for novel techniques in experimental investigations of nuclei far away from stability.

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