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Séminaire Properties of RunII le 16/12

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Properties of RunII jet algorithms for hadronic collisions

Par : Le Dr Zdenek Hubacek, Czech Technical University
Date : le Vendredi 16 decembre 2005 a 14h30
Lieu : Salle de Visioconferences du Batiment 25
IReS, 23 rue du Loess, Strasbourg-Cronenbourg


In RunII we’re entering the era of precision QCD. One of the key elements for successful comparison of theoretical predictions with experimental measurements is the choice of jet algorithm.

During the RunII Jet Workshop (before the actual start of RunII), a proposition towards the common cone algorithm used on experimental and theoretical sides was given. The actual implementations unfortunately differ even on experimental side - between both Tevatron experiments. During the recent TeV4LHC workshops, both CDF and D0 tried to understand the differences between their own implementations of cone algorithm. Their experience should give new propositions towards the jet algorithm(s) used in LHC experiments. I’m going to review the jet algorithms currently used in Run II of the Tevatron and summarize their advantages and their possible limitations.